Five Tips and Ideas for Removing a Sticker From Your Car's Tinted Window Film

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Five Tips and Ideas for Removing a Sticker From Your Car's Tinted Window Film

14 July 2016
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Removing a bumper sticker or any other type of sticker from your tinted windows can be difficult. You have to take great care to get rid of the sticker without damaging the underlying film. Luckily, with the right approach, that is possible. Here's a look at a few tips and a range of methods.

1. Use blades very carefully.

If you feel confident about it, you can successfully remove stickers from tinted car windows using a blade, but you need to be very careful. The blade needs to be straight, not rusty and not damaged. If it is bent or rusty, it's more likely to rip the tint, but if it's straight and in good condition, you can rub it along the tinted film without ripping through it or causing other damage.

To use a blade, start in one corner of the sticker. This allows you to focus on a very small part of the sticker. Gently and slowly push the blade between the sticker and the film by moving it back and forth. As a bit of the sticker peels off, move the blade forward to the next section of the sticker and continue til you reach the opposite corner of the sticker.

2. Avoid ammonia.

If you want to make it easier to remove the sticker with a blade, consider moistening the sticker. Moisture helps dissolve the glue holding the sticker to the film, but you obviously need to avoid using chemicals that may hurt the adhesives of the film itself.

To this end, you can safely use water and many gentle cleaning products designed for use on glass. However, you should avoid ammonia as well as blue glass cleaners. Goo Be Gone is also an effective option for sticker removal. However, it can leave a slightly greasy residue so you need to be prepared to follow up with a cleaning using soap and water.

3. Try a rubber scraper.

If you worry that your hand isn't steady enough to use a razor blade next to your vehicle's window film, you may want to start the removal process with a rubber scraper. You simply need a rubber or silicone scraper from your kitchen.

As a rubber scraper isn't as sharp as a razor, you will need to use extra liquid to help dislodge the sticker. As when using the razor, start in one corner and work slowly toward the other side. If you progress too quickly, you may leave bits of the sticker behind, and removing lots of little bits can be even more challenging than addressing the whole sticker at once.

4. Don't use abrasive items for sticker removal.

If you don't have a rubber scraper or a razor blade, you can attempt to scrub off the sticker with a sponge or a microfiber towel. However, you need to use something soft. Do not use anything abrasive such as a sponge with an abrasive pad or a bit of steel wool. These abrasive items may scratch your tinted film, causing it to look bad and not provide the protection, style or privacy you want. Similarly, stick with the types of cleaners discussed above, and avoid using any abrasive cleaners.

5. Contact your tinted window installer.

The above tips should help you get the sticker off your vehicle's tinted window film. However, if you are worried about the process, you may want to take a step back and contact the company who installed your tinted film first.

They can give you more info about whether they recommend any techniques or products. They can also let you know if any cleaning approaches void your warranty. In some cases, they may even be able to remove the sticker for you or to patch your window film if it gets accidentally damaged in the sticker removal process.